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    Hypothetical situation: I have a job that pays me 70k a year, and own a company that generates 150k revenue/ 70k net profit a year.

    If im renting a 500p/w 2 room apartment, and I want to rent the largest room to my company (i.e. a home office), in which i will spend 35 hour a week. Are the following assumptions correct:

    Based on the ATO home business calculator, I can claim approximately 10k or roughly 1/3 of the expenses. (Room/ home office is about 1/3 of apartment + 33c per 35 hours spent in home office). That all makes sense, but does my company simply pay me the expenses each week (approx $192) which is a transaction that is deducted as an expense against the 150 annual revenue? Or is it preferred if the company signs on to the rental agreement and contributes to the rental expenses directly that way?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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