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    King of Ducks
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    My name is Rina, a UX designer. I am doing research at UTS startup hub this weekend* on how to use Government data to help Brick and Mortar Local Small Businesses. If you can spare 2 minutes to answer 3 questions, it will be super helpful.

    This survey applies to businesses with physical store only.

    Q1. Describe your business location.
    It is…
    a) Good location, good amount of clients
    b) It is okay
    c) Terrible

    Q2. Did you do any research before choosing the current location of your business? If yes, what did you do?

    Q3. Looking back, what are things you wish you knew before you chose to open this business? (It doesn’t have to be only about the location.)

    Thanks in advance.

    * This is a part of GovHack. https://govhack.org/

    Lisa Crocker
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    Hi Rina,

    Thanks for being part of our community. Hopefully some of our members with physical stores will be able to answer your survey.

    All the best with your research.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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