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    I don’t really use linkedin a lot but I do like to add people who might be of use to me in the future – and I have used it to find people and business that I need on occasion but not regularly. I am just saying that I find it helpful to have a lot of people in my network that I might be able to call on at a future date as my business grows and changes.

    I do have an annoyance though with so many people having such poor profiles (in my opinion). For example I like to see some personality shown in the profile and if I see a couple of different people in my network who I might want to get in touch with but one has a profile that only looks like a bad resume I will always pass them up. It might be a bit unfair but I like to work with people with personality not robots.

    Really, I can totally see how someone employed in personel who has to look at resumes all day might just take a quick glance and throw most in the bin without a second glance as they are so boring.

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    I am hardly any type of guru when it comes to social media, but I actually enjoy LinkedIn. I spend time there, I get involved and I have done some good business as a result.

    I think different people have different views about what they get out of various social media channels. For example, I cannot get my head around the benefits of twitter. For me it is just a whole lot of meaningless clutter and headlines. By the same token, I haven’t spent the time there to really understand it either.

    Your first paragraph implies you use LI as a directory. I feel differently in that it is a medium where you have to be involved to get anything meaningful from it. It is the ongoing communication that helps you understand your connections and vice versa. And it is that which builds a network of people. And that is what I see it as, a digital version of a networking event. And the important part of any networking event is the interaction beyond handing out the business card.

    So I don’t just know peoples names, I try to learn a bit about them over time which in turn builds that relationship…or may lead me to disconnect with them.

    That for me often overcomes comments like yours about profiles. I agree that some are not that good, but who defines what is good. Many just repost some form of resume which is in many cases a robotic type of thing anyway. Look further than that and often there is another side. (Those in personnel looking at resumes are often no more than robots themselves anyway.)

    I guess a lot depends on how far one wants to go, which is a difficult decision when there are so many channels out there and not enough hours in the day to be involved in them all.

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    I hang out in linked in a bit.
    I offer informative and fun updates.
    I also write post from time to time.
    Its good to build your network.

    Byron Trzeciak
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    I use it for syndication of content from my website. I also repurpose my best articles to Pulse when I get the opportunity where I say the same things but give it a unique spin for the platform.

    It can also be good for finding people with specific skills that you might need assistance with.

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    You can also use LinkedIn as a search tool to find people who could be an alliance with your business. The fields allow you to search by industry and city. If you are looking for a specific type of person you can put their title in the “search” box. Then send a “connect” request – they can choose to ignore or connect. If they connect you have a chance to say something that offers an incentive to get to know you.
    Summaries are a bit dull sounding sometimes, but not everyone is a copywriter or creative. Some people are great on the phone instead, from my experience. Give them a chance.

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    LinkedIn is actually one of the “older” social networks (2002), and yet, with more than 400 million users, it is the most underestimated in my opinion.

    If you set up and use your LinkedIn profile similar to your Facebook profile for example, by merely ‘connecting’ with people, you may not get the most out of it. I personally treat my LinkedIn profile like a Sales page and use it for lead generation all the time. Of course, I am not one of those that throws out spam, but by providing great content and the right positioning in your market, it is a nice and almost free client getting method.



    P.s. If you want to know more about how I generate leads from LinkedIn, let me know. I am happy to send you some info.

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