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    Told you I would be back….. (Sooner than I thought though)…

    How do/would you introduce a service to two very different areas of business that need and use each others services, when there is NO common ground between them other than they need each other.. ??? (Too vauge you say ?, Well at this stage I do not want to give away the concept..Not just yet anyway,our research indicates this business method, procedure, service ..(Not sure WHAT to call it yet ) is NOT present in Australia, yet, and is only in two other places in the world that we can find, and very preliminary research indicates that it is needed and will take off like an F1.11 on AfterBurner..

    Also, (Whilst I’m here asking) ..I need to find the services of a Multi Talented Proof Reader, OR, someone that has a good command of the English Language, Composition, Punctuation, Phrasing etc: that can go over our promotional info and is not afraid to tell us what is wrong & make suggestions on how to fix it,knowing we are not going to jump up and down like someone that thinks they have it right and do not like to be told otherwise, … Did that make sense ?? ..(Probably Not)..

    * I started this about 90 min ago, ’cause on re reading it, somehow what I want to convey just does not come across,… I have redone, re thought it and almost Rescinded it.. but I have faith in you lot after reading a few (Lot’s) of replies in here… So, tread water with me for a while please, All will be revealed soon…
    and if I don’t post this now I’m liable to delete it…So, Here I am…


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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