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    Lucy Kippist
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    Afternoon all,
    We’re running a terrific piece from a US writer for Atlassian today on how to work with introverts.

    I especially loved the comments she makes about how it feels to attend a meeting with no agenda.

    “Vague, agenda-less meeting invitations strike terror in my heart. And really, they should scare anyone. How’s a person supposed to know if the meeting will be valuable, or just 30 minutes of your time you’ll never get back? Introverts and extroverts alike are fully justified in asking for more information before they accept, or declining altogether. Both of which I find very uncomfortable.

    If there’s background reading for the meeting, I greatly appreciate when it’s shared in advance so I have time to digest it. The Amazon method of providing a few minutes at the beginning of the meeting for some pre-discussion reading and note-taking is a good alternative. Without time to absorb the context, introverts tend to feel ambushed. Like, “Why am I here? What’s going on? Is it bad? Good? Eeep!”

    Are you introverted or extroverted when it comes to work? I think I swing both ways; I love the quiet/uninterrupted thinking time that working from home can provide, but also relish my few days in an office each week, to bounce off ideas and go to meetings.

    Paul – FS Concierge
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    Meetings miss the point so often, it doesn’t matter that much about whether participants are introverted or extroverted.

    There are exceptions and some meetings are off the charts in their propensity to favour the loudest and sometimes “whingiest” people only – I’m sure those kinds of get-togethers would seem like meeting by ordeal to some people.

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    I am extroverted, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like quiet time to knuckle down and do things.

    Majority of meetings I have been to lately are wasted time, going over and over the same things, but they can be productive if they have structure and not just talk about doing things, but set dates and follow up to make sure things are actually completed.

    Some meetings are good if a team doesn’t work in the same office, it gives them a chance to communicate face to face when normally it’s via Skype or phone.

    I call staff meeting monthly, but it more about lunch and catching up LOL

    Lucy Kippist
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    Hi [USER=60404]@Mischelle[/USER]! Love the idea of a monthly catch up and agree if you are a largely remote team, then a meeting is great too. I think if someone is in charge of assigning follow up tasks post meetings it always makes things worthwhile.

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