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    Can someone advice me how can I get the most traffic to my website. my website address is –

    Best Regards,

    Dave Gillen – FS Concierge
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    Hi Hassan, welcome to the forums!

    • Hire an SEO company
    • Advertise on Google
    • Get featured on the news with a feel-good story (say you ran a 7 day tow-it-for-charity event where you donate the proceeds to charity).
    • Do a deal with wrecking yards who don’t do removals. They link to your site and you give them a cut of the jobs that come from them.
    • Or the usual stuff like blogging, podcasts, youtube channel, be active on social media. I see you have lots of promotional posts on FB but I’d like to see you post more daily on-the-job photos and stories.


    Dave Gillen - Client Acquisition | Brisbane | (07) 3180 0288
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    Hi Hassan,

    Dave is right, start researching SEO or hire a company to help get your website ranking for web searches. I have attached two files, the first shows your top-ranking keywords for your website and second shows the top 20 keywords in your line of business that you are wanting to be ranking for. If you can get in the top 10 or even better the top 3 for these keywords, you won’t need to advertise all for enquiries.



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    Ignore any advise given above, until you fix your website, why waste money getting people to your website when it has issues. Get a copywriter in to start

    Dean Braiden
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    You can boost your website in many ways but first need to make the website neat, clean, fast-loaded & user-friendly. Then you will optimize your content based on your keywords. There are lots of ways you can boost your business website

    Arpan – Ecofin Solutions
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    Hello Dean,

    Thanks for sharing the link.

    The click-through rate and dwell time mentioned on your website may be a good way to improve your lead/page score, but these metrics alone may not help you improve your rankings. There are a host of other factors that play a role in determining the rank of a page/post on google search results.

    On my website, there are many pages that get low CTR and dwell time but rank well on google.

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    Hello Hassan,
    You need to hire a digital marketing company that will provide SEO services to boost traffic to your website.

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    There isn’t one set-it that generates high-quality website traffic to your website. Rather, there exists a mix of channels that work together to drive visitors. Some require effort, some require time, and some require money. Some of the strategies and channels that drive traffic to your website include:

    >>Online Directory Listings
    >>On-Page SEO
    >>Off-Page SEO
    >>Social Media
    >>Online Ads

    Patrick Shaw
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    Hi SEO Pros, any idea how to get the featured snippet for your website ?

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    There are many options . I think you should try some link building toolsgoogle.com

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