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    Hi there!

    Our first shipment from our manufacturer our stock was on par quality wise, however the last shipment I noticed some duds in the mix. I guess this happens with all importers, however we are just at the point of scaling and concerned if I get a shipment of duds it can sink my business.

    How to mitigate this risk? I don’t have time to go to China to talk to them, and know you can hire someone to check things over before it get sent, how do you find such a person who knows your industry/product?


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    I think with any manufacturing,(perhaps more pronounced when from China) there is a need to balance expectations with limitations.

    For example, it is probably reasonable to expect around 3-5% defective rate in the products. If it is more than that, there is a problem. There could however be several reasons for that from expecting too much from the price paid, to not having given clear expectations of quality, or the manufacturer just not caring.

    I generally look to change manufacturers if there is a high defective rate, or not happy with various aspect of an order. I don’t really have a set protocol though and consider possible reasons.

    The only way to remove this risk is to personally inspect every piece made to ensure it is to the required standard. This isn’t a practical option though so your options include:-

    1. Sampling – sampling/inspection at some point during the manufacturing process

    2. Having a final inspection completed before paying the final payment

    Having an inspection done on every piece will be so exhorbitantly expensive it isn’t really practical, so most inspections are done under AQL standards. That is essentially a system where a percentage of the goods are checked.

    Here is an example of the standard showing the number of pieces inspected based on the order size:


    To have an inspection like this completed generally costs a little less than USD300.00

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