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    Hi all.
    I run a small husband and wife cleaning business in a regional area. we have been invited to tender for a local preschool. Can someone help us out with what to charge as an hourly rate? Any advise will be greatly appreciated . Tia.

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    I used to charge $ 35.00 per hour per person but that was twenty years ago.
    Unfortunately I haven’t kept up with what the rate of pay is for cleaners, but it would probably be around $ 27.00 an hour thyen you have Insurance superannuation chemicals and equipment costs on to.
    Someone recently put up a formula on the Australian Carpet Cleaners forum and if I can locate that Ill copy and paste it here but give me a few days to find it.
    Be careful of all that glitter they use in craft

    El Arish Tropical Exotics
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    Because you are in a regional area I would be careful looking at national averages or what companies in capitol cities quote. If this is your first school I would look very carefully at what their expectations are and things like carpets, toilets, etc. Anyway to find out what the previous person was getting? A preschool could be a different kettle of fish than a state school but this is what cleaners working for the government get in Qld. I know you are private but you could add your margin plus supplies for a ballpark. http://qirc.qld.gov.au/qirc/resources/pdf/certified_agreements/cert_agreements/2015/ca10_2015.pdf

    Paul – FS Concierge
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    [USER=112710]@Bearyclean81[/USER] – how long is a piece of string?

    I don’t think that there is any sort of accurate rate in commercial cleaning.

    With pre-schools, it is important to charge for cleaning under furniture because little hands like to wander and get things dirty.

    If the floor is polished lino, this will require polishing 1-4 times per year depending on customer preference and buffing regularly – as a rule of thumb, I would list the floors as a separate item or 2 items (polishing and buffing)

    Our market is very competitive and the one pre-school we did clean was at an hourly rate slightly less than what [USER=58]@Burgo[/USER] quoted even though his figure is from all of those years ago.

    I hope some of that helps.


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    Hi Tia,

    As mentioned by El Arish Tropical Exotics it may be sightly different in regional areas, but in the metro areas I think you can competitively charge $40 p/h for regular cleaning.

    It is also possible to charge extra for school holiday cleaning for things that don’t get cleaned regularly such as windows, carpets, vinyl polishing etc.

    Tim Summers
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    We usually charge per room or carpet square foot. It starts at $25 per room and $80 per square foot. Other factor that affects the price is the type of carpet. Wool and cotton are quite hard to clean so their cleaning costs are a bit higher than Berber carpets.

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    I see a few different hourly rates mentioned here, ignore all of them!!!!

    You need to look at how much it will cost you to run your business, including the things already mentioned such as products, insurance, car costs, equipment costs, etc, etc, etc, etc. Then add what profit (wage) you want out of it. Not forgetting all the time spent away from the job doing work for the job.

    Your cost base may be higher or lower then those mentioned above, then work out how long the job will take you, including any extra product, etc you may want above and beyond your standard stuff. Do you need to buy extra equipment, factor that into the quote over say a years timeframe if you like.

    Then work out the desperation factor, how desperate do you want the job, this may change what you want to earn per hour, ie a slightly lower return, or how desperate are you not to get the job, in other words what would they have to pay you extra to do the job. I have some jobs I have quoted well above (read double or more) my preferred $ value, because I didn’t want the job, but was happy to do it when they were compensating me for the pain factor.

    So to answer your question, only you can answer that question, taking into account a multiple of factors.

    Tay Roux
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    It depends only on sizes and workload. Can you specify it?

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