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    Clothing, fashion accessories and food of Indian subcontinent specially from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka are very unique and easily differentiable from the rest of the world. Do you think its uniqueness demands an unique marketplace for products from Indian subcontinent?

    With this view, we started an online marketplace that connects the buyers and sellers who adore the culture and styles of this part of the globe. The online marketplace is called Trendy Ideas. We call it the ebay for the products (e.g. saree, salwar kamiz, Punjabi, kurti, food etc) of Indian subcontinent. The web address is https://trendyideas.com.au .

    Recently we celebrated first birthday this platform. Last twelve months was very exciting, had lots of ups and downs. Even at one point, we waste thinking time whether we can survive a year or not. Creating a marketplace is bit complicated than creating an ecommerce site. For a marketplace, it needs buyers and sellers. So far our experience, it is relatively easy to find sellers to sell in our marketplace. Currently working with a digital marketing agency to establish the brand which will help us to build the rapport among the buyers.

    After launching the platform, one question is always at the top of our list. That is “how to drive traffic to our platform Trendy Ideas? Our experience says, there’s no single way to build and scale a marketplace. One strategy will work for one, may not be suitable for other. But we found that any business has to have a value proposition statement. This is the primary reason, a buyer buys from a business. To start a business make sure you have a value proposition and a solid marketing strategy before anything else. Without a marketing strategy business will struggle to survive. Just think that you know how to bake yummy cake and you got plenty of them but nobody knows about it and where to find them. If you are making cake only for you then spreading the word about your cake is not necessary but if you want to bake and sell cake for others then the word has to spread out. That’s why need a marketing strategy and to have the strategy, the sooner the better.

    If anyone thinking of running a marketplace and looking for a guide to understand the basics then try “A Guide to Marketplace” by Boris Wertz and Angela Tran Kingyens.Boris and Angela shared some of the insights they’ve learned while observing, funding and building marketplaces for more than two decades.

    It is our great pleasure to share our business with fellow Flyingsoloist. We will be interested to know if similar online marketplaces exist anywhere in the world. If you know any similar platform for this target market, please share.

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    Dave Gillen – Former FS Concierge
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    Welcome aboard Sadique, and best of luck building up your customer base!


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