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    I’m getting to grips with this new layout and lo and behold it has also shown me a bunch of messages in my inbox, going back years, that were clearly sent to me by other members here but somehow never came to my attention.

    I must have seemed like a disorganised and/or dismissive git to many people, several of whom were looking for help with their online marketing.

    I have no idea how this happened but clearly there is no point in my now answering all those old messages.

    My humble apologies if you were one of those people who messaged me fruitlessly, I cannot explain how the messages did not make it to me, I am sorry if it wasted your time.


    Robert Gerrish
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    You’re not alone Aidan, I just found a few I’d overlooked. The ‘flags’ are a little more obvious (thankfully) in this new system!

    Robert :)

    Byron Trzeciak
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    Sorry to hear that Aidan. Thanks for prompting me to check mine just in case I missed something too.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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