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    Claire Naidu Lawyer
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    I am passionate about helping helping people to create their families (through adoption, surrogacy, or parenting orders or plans) by overcoming the legal hurdles. I also help people with all the legal issues involved in entering or exiting relationships (like defacto living, marriage, separation, divorce).

    I am an Accredited Family Law Specialist and I have been a lawyer for a long time, but have only more recently opened my own firm to assist me in meeting the joys of both my family life and my work life which is about family.

    At Claire Naidu & Co, Lawyers and Mediators, I offer specialist legal advice in family law matters. I offer you a personalised and customised approach to family law with avoidance of litigation (where possible).

    With modern technology there is no problem in connecting with clients from states all over Australia. The Family Law Act is a federal act, so the same legislation applies throughout Australia. I can help wherever you live.

    Claire Naidu (LLM, LLB, BCom Grad Dip Legal Practice, Acc Spec (Family Law))
    Principal Lawyer
    Claire Naidu & Co, Lawyers and Mediators
    E. [email protected]
    M. 0410 557 276
    P. (02) 6169 4141
    F. (02) 6169 4100
    W. http://www.clairenaidu.com.au

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    G’day Carol, and welcome,

    We’ll look forward to having you around and I’m sure you’ll bring a unique perspective to our chats.

    Nice to meet you :)


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    Hello Claire,

    Welcome to the forum.


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