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    I started my business 15 years ago at the time I was commision only sales and I started a service business in the home improvements market which is what i was employed in, though my product was not in competition. They were very successful but difficult to work with so I took everything they did from the customer contact right through to completion, copied their referral plans every little thing. Back then we scaped by not paying a wage just bills all leads were newspaper yellow pages then website homeshows now just SEO & Adwords at $7k a month, but from that start it is now a $4mill a year enterpris has 12 staff and great profits. You will never beat happy customers and our biggest lead spinner today is google reviews by a country mile.

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    Organic SEO is my favourite way to go. I enjoy sharing my expertise a library of articles for people to find at their own convenience.

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    Interesting read, I have poor online marketing skills but still learning!

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    Creating raving fans has to be the cheapest and best way to market your business.

    This is done by under promising and over delivering. Providing high quality and value for money is important.

    Delivering to a high accuracy and standard will bring repeat work and lots of referrals.

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    bb1, post: 267263, member: 53375 wrote:
    Yes, But (I always have a but), I do / did this with some other business’s, but, remember as soon as they deliver bad service to your client, it is also a reflection on your business. Although you operate as 2 separate business’s because your recommend/partner with them, you are put under a cloud as well.

    Vet them first, then insist on certain standards before you get into bed with them
    thats a good and valid point to be aware of

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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