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    Well I finally retired on July 31 this year.
    I seems like an age ago, but there comes a time in life when you just loose interest or your passion goes.
    I suppose after 62 years of a working life something was bound to happen.
    The first 29 years was learning and building business for others the next 33 years was spent learning and becoming involved in the Cleaning Industry.
    Ive actually been a member of this forum for 12 years when i first retired.
    Then i became involved in founding an association for the individual cleaner.
    At the same time running the Australian arm of the WoolSafe Organisation.
    Then in 2015 decided to really retire. Unfortunately others had different ideas to mine and i was dragged back into the Cleaning Industry.
    So I have made the decission to retire and did so on July 31 this year.
    Dosent take long does it to get bored,
    I still go to the gym and attend OMNi (Older Mens Network Incorporated) meetings, do the housework washing and drive Shewhomustbe to her medical appointments.
    Could it be the Covid affect, I personnal dont think so, could it be that I havent concidered my options . Could it be that I should put into words the knowledge that Ive gained over 62 years, but ive written courses on starting a business and the basic Carpet Cleaning and stain removal, and have written several articles for the industry magazine INCLEAN.
    I seem to spend more time on Facebook commenting on Lucys discussions and commenting on the Carpet Cleaners page . Ive also been supporting Cleaners in Victoria during this Covid inconvenience.
    Having worked in seven differend industries building business i starting to look at how we soloists can develop our business to cope with Covid.
    I know we are all passionate about what we do so how can we turn a negative into a possitive. That is a question thats not always easy to answer, but keep possitive and an answer will come when you least expect it.
    Sorry fo the long post Burgo

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    Welcome, and I am looking forward to reading your contributions to the forum. You seem to have a lot of experience to draw from :)

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    Yes well it’s been a while since I last posted about 12 months then I was involved with the Sydney Cancer Survivorship Centre trying to raise much needed funds funds, but it appears that I have friends in the most unlikely places as I sent out a few emails to people that I know that funds appeared from SDH saving a couple of people’s jobs and got extra space for the exercise gym for cancer survivors. To this day I have no idea who it was that arranged this but I did appreciate the help.
    Actually the Sydney Cancer Survivorship Centre is always looking for donations small or large. This centre is located at Concord Hospital..
    I’ll see what I can do to pass on some of my knowledge and experience

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