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    Hi all
    I want to import Ayurvedic health food products from overseas and distribute in Australia. I have no prior experience of business so any help will be appreciated. my queries are –
    1) Do I need TGA approval as package says – Ayurvedic and also says helps in digestion/helps in cough etc? I emailed TGA with all the details and ingredients in the products but received very general response where they asked me to be decide if the products need TGA approval? how would I know?
    2) What other legal formalities I have to do or approvals I have to take before ordering my stuff as I do not want any complications from any department later
    3) Do I need to have my own Australian barcode for pricing? can someone please help me.
    4) I also want to make online website for selling but not sure how to do and where to start and who can help me.
    I know its a long post so sorry in advance

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    I haven’t heard anything easy about dealing with the TGA. They’re pleasant enough to talk to, though. It’s all down to interpretation, of which you’re initially liable. Hoping someone else can chime in.

    1) I’m interested in this as well (not Ayurvedic specifically). Without consulting a lawyer or specialist the most concrete answer wrt. dealing with the TGA that I can surmise is that it’s directly related to the claims you’re making about your product(s). Products I’m looking at selling would require dealing with the TGA if I advertised health claims. However the very same products are already being sold as-is, without health claims, or any claims of the sort (not as supplements, not as food).

    2) Again, haven’t consulted anybody, nor an export, but what I can surmise is: If you’re making the product, manufacturing license / cost / inspections. Otherwise TGA approval of some sort where the product is being made / ordered from.

    3) Can’t answer this one I’m afraid – creating a barcode is easy enough, at this stage I’m unaware if you’d need to register it anywhere. Actually scrap that, I found this with 5 seconds of Googling for my own curiosity – https://barcodesaustralia.com/barcode-registration/

    4) Look at Shopify, again, Google.

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