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    Hi everyone,

    New to the forum and also new to importing goods from the US.

    I am looking at importing haircare products from US manufacturers to Western Australia and I’m not quite sure where to start with shipping costs, logistic, best practice etc.

    I haven’t gone as far as setting anything up such as ABN’s and such as I’m just looking into the viability of this before I outlay any money.

    My initial enquiries suggest that the purchase of the product to sell is easy and has a 50% mark up margin but it’s the shipping cost that will either sink or float this business idea.

    I’m someone who likes to have all the information before I proceed so that there aren’t any nasty surprises where I end up with product that cost so much to get here but can’t sell to even break even…

    I’m not looking at buying huge quantities so buying bulk and shipping a container worth is not an option. It will be 30 bottles max from one supplier at a time in the beginning and then upscale as business dictates. Each bottle is 8oz.

    What’s best practice when it comes to importing? Will I ever know the exact cost I’m looking at or will there always be an element of “unknown” when it comes to shipping? Seems crazy that the products which cost me US$236 to purchase costs just as much (if not more!) to ship. How do people import and make money?!? Am I missing something?

    Also does having a trade agreement with the USA mean customs and excise duty isn’t payable? How do trade agreements work?!

    So much information I’m a little confused.

    Paul – FS Concierge
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    Hi And Welcome to Flying Solo [USER=116052]@Jojojojojo[/USER] . It is great to have you!

    Thank you for joining our community and posting.

    Hopefully some helpful members will be along soon with some advice to point you in the right direction.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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