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    Hi everyone, I’m about to import my first full 20’container from China (furniture items). I asked the manufacturer to give me door-to-door sea freight quote and that’s what I’ve got (I’m in Tasmania):


    Ocean freight 20gp: 2550usd
    FCL arrival charges: 618usd
    Customs Clearance: 150usd
    Aqis/duty/gst/compile: 340usd, at cost consignee
    Local delivery Hobart: 870usd
    Ningbo local charge (pick up, customs, port handling etc): 710usd

    Total : 5238usd

    I understand that on top of that I also will be liable for gst and duty… Can someone experienced quickly have a look and tell me if the quote sounds more or less right? I’m not looking the best price, I’m pretty sure it can be cheaper, however, as a general guide, am I being totally ripped off or just a bit? Just keep in mind – thats delivery to Hobart/Tasmania, not on mainland.

    Really appreciate any help here!! Thanks in advance!

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    The seafreight component is about average, there’s usually enough competition there to keep prices right and Hobart shouldn’t much, if any, more than a mainland port. I brought a 20’ FCL in earlier this year to Hobart for about USD2600 for the sea freight component.

    The local delivery at Hobart is high. I’d expect that price to be in AUD to be honest but you might be paying for the convenience of not having to engage a local carrier yourself and coordinate its pickup and delivery. Check what the unload agreement is on delivery. Do you have to hand unload (I presume the furniture isn’t on pallets) and is there an hourly rate for the driver to wait whilst you do this?

    Similarly, the customs / biosecurity clearance should be in the range of AUD140-150 bearing in mind that the local Inspectors may charge extra if they are concerned about any signs of pest infestation. China is a bit of a high risk country at the moment so you might be hit more fees but they won’t know that until the inspection occurs in Hobart.

    AQIS hasn’t existed for years and it’s got no relationship to the Import GST charge I’d ask for all of that to be itemised and not lumped together. The ‘AQIS’ fee would be included in the biosecurity clearance component I mentioned above.

    FCL arrival charges are presumably the terminal fees, port security fees etc. It’s a bit harder to check but somewhere around AUD800-900 would probably be reasonable.

    Remember though that cheaper isn’t always best. A higher fee will hopefully result in a better service but if this is your first one it’s a bit of a leap of faith. Also remember that if this is a once-off consignment as opposed to a regular order they’ll presumably be looking for a higher margin on the shipment.

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    Hi And Welcome to Flying Solo [USER=116086]@Islander77[/USER] . It is great to have you!

    Thank you for joining our community and posting.

    Hopefully some helpful members will be along soon with some advice to point you in the right direction.


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    Thank you guys! Thanks RegLog for a very detailed response!!!

    Local delivery is high because I’m in rural area, pretty far from city. They will leave the container on my property for a day and I’ll unload ot myself with mates.

    So all other charges look reasonable then. I don’t care much about extra hunded $ here and there, just wanted to make sure I’m not overpaying thousands more.

    Thanks again!!

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