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    I have a number of interior design products which suit the higher end of the market. As well as putting them into retail stores, and approaching interior designers, I was considering setting up an in-home shopping scenario for clients. Similar to a party-plan, but more boutique direct sales and solely of my products – kind of like bringing the studio to them.

    My idea involves coming to their home, setting up some products in their lounge room (photographic pieces, cushions etc) and then running them through the items. Having an easel to showcase my wall pieces, catalogs to show off the available images for custom pieces.
    Come prepared with champagne and nibblies, etc….

    Do you think an hour would be suitable, or two? How would I fill in the time without always being salesy? Do I charge a booking fee, that is refundable if the host purchases something? Or would that not work…. Im not sure about any sort of ‘games’, although I do have notebooks that I could do as gifts or prizes.

    As I mentioned, it’s just an idea at this stage, but I would love some thoughts, tips if you’ve done this before, and any pitfalls you could see that would make this unworkable.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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