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    Today I attended an Internet Entrepreneur seminar hosted by Stuart Zadel which was a free event. I saw it advertised in the subway and thought it would be interesting to check out since I am looking to help my clients with their online marketing. I had been to an event of this type before hosted by Jamie McCintyre which while providing some small bits of information I did not feel was sufficiently packed with information and containing a lot of up selling.

    The question I have is what are your thoughts on these type of events? I know in the media, ‘get rich quick spruikers’ as they are sometimes referred to are given a bad name yet in their seminars they all say that it is the public’s cynicism which generates this bad press and not bad doings of their own.

    Personally while I strongly believe in financial education and that the men that stand up at these events mean well, there are some things which concern me:

    1. The ‘business gurus’ who come to sell their products at these events claim that they don’t need to be there and that they all ready have all the money they need and that they are teaching this knowledge because they want to give back, however they are charging large sums for their products. If they really wanted to help the less fortunate become financially free wouldn’t they provide the information for free on their websites in some form?

    2. These events are heavily sales oriented, and working in sales for a large part of my life, I feel that sometimes the speakers use some sales strategies which are less than ethical. For example they would say “The next 20 people who sign up will get a free bonus” to get people to get up and rush to the sign up forms, yet on the next day of the event they will say that “anyone who missed out on the free bonus will get it anyway”. Isn’t that lying to your prospects?

    Due to the heavy sales orientation and the high price tags on these products, people are at risk of losing a large portion of their savings chasing a dream. For example I knew a woman who went to one of these seminars who had lost a large amount of money signing up for courses and she was living on a shoe string, made all the worse that she had children.

    What’s your take?

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    I have never been to those conferences…but there will always be gullible people. Anyone with half a brain twigs, “why are they selling me this if they are already rich”

    There is a market there to be taken advantage of :)

    I don’t see anything wrong with it as such, well…nothing any different from what every other business on earth does. They are giving people what they want (in this case short term dreams). If business gave people what they needed rather than what they wanted, we’d have a whole bunch of unemployment, cause here in affluent Australia we don’t really need anything we don’t already have, so we invent things we think we need…..(keeps the riff raff off the street too)

    That’s all they are doing…

    Just look at any Kellogs advertisment…any product in the supermarket…they don’t care about truth…if they did they would tell both sides of the story…..ever seen ANY sales person tell both sides of a story? read some copywriting blogs :)

    Personally I don’t know how they live with themselves, I would kind of feel hollow making my money in such a manner, but it really is much harder to stick to the truth because by doing so you kind of get creamed in the marketplace in most areas.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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