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    Hi, it’s my first post and it seems to be a good place to find some answers to a couple of q’s.
    Firstly, my sister and I are looking into setting up an indoor play centre in a regional area of NSW. We’re excited about the prospect but with my business cap on I’m concerned about the demographics as I understand we need to consider the numbers of our target market. I’m just not sure what percentage is a good percentage to call viable though. I’m in a population of approximately 25,000 which isn’t huge but at the same time the climate is such that it’s cold enough a lot of the year to warrant having somewhere indoors to go. Our target market is 3mnth – 12 y/o’s and the stats say that about 5.5% are 0-4y/o and another 25% 5-19y/o’s.
    Can anyone tell me, based on the stats, what percentage of them I should use as potential customers on a daily basis so that we can work out the viability of the project???????? The only business I have experience in is property investment and while it is a lot to do with numbers, the numbers are very different. Help please, if you can.
    Also, if anyone else has had experience setting up and doing a business plan based on projected numbers through the door, can you also share anything that perhaps I should have asked but didn’t. Thanks.

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    Hi Sharon
    A few things:
    Is there already someone doing this in your town? If not it could be a goer, if there is I would go visit them several times, stay for a few hours and really take note of everything going on. Like how many staff, how long do people stay, how much food do they buy etc.

    If there is not one already in your town, I would go to playgroups etc and “survey” the mums to find out if there is enough interest etc. don’t fall into the trap of thinking that just because you and your friends think it’s a good idea, then everyone will.

    There is one near me that offers after school care – they have a mini-bus and pick up the kids, give them afternoon tea and the kids play till they get picked up.

    good luck with it – sounds exciting

    Trish Fehon

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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