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    Hi everyone, I just wanted to give a bit of an update about what I’ve been doing with Design Quotes (a quoting platform for creative services) to innovate and make a fair system.

    One of the big issues with quoting sites is that it’s first come first serve. The first X people to quote on a job are not necessarily the best.

    At Design Quotes we introduced an additional step called “Applicants”. This means any number of providers can apply to a project and it’s free.

    This gives the client a list of applicants from which they can view the profiles, portfolios and reviews for each provider. From here, the client chooses the ones they want to get quotes from making it more relevant for both parties.

    The list of applicants is ranked according to the providers points which are earned by getting reviews and demonstrating expertise (by doing courses and writing blog posts).

    This means it’s a bit of a hybrid between elance type sites and traditional quote sites.

    We are about to release “Specialisations” which allows providers to choose the areas of web design or graphic design they specialise in. This helps to make matching more relevant for clients seeking quotes.

    For anyone interested check out http://www.designquotes.com.au/sign-up


    There is a free plan which is a pay per lead model and then paid plans which provide a certain number of leads per month (clients that have selected you to quote for their project). We are phasing out commissions because it’s administratively difficult.

    We also got some amazing feedback from our users which you can see on our linked in page:

    E.g. “I have watched Design Quotes grow from small beginnings. Daniel is passionate about making this a fair system for both cleints & designers.” – Jinny Coyle

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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