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    I have designed a preschool literacy program, have a venue, website, etc and am now up to INSURANCE!

    I definitely need Public Liability. Do I need Personal/Professional Indemnity? My program is sort of like Playgroup cross Tutoring. I have no idea what to look for/ which company to use!!


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    Hi Lolly,

    Awesome news that your venture is almost up and running!!

    I have worked with a few businesses like yours previously so I know that they have some unique requirements. As such, I would suggest contacting a local insurance broker so that they can help you get the covers you need and advise you on any potential exposures that you should consider. I would probably avoid buying a policy online as it is harder to get a tailored solution (which would be preferable).

    Of course I am happy to answer any general questions that you might have in the forums, otherwise feel free to PM me if you need me to look at anything specifically.

    Good luck with it all….



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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