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    Hi there,

    Just introducing myself and my business. My name’s Morgwn and I’m an independent digital media, marketing, branding and communications consultant, trading under the name ‘Digital Art Science

    I started up in March this year because, well, the time was as good as any, and I spotted the opportunity to take my skills and experience from working with big international brands (like ANZ, GM Holden and Unilever) to a broader audience.

    Digital tools for communicating, marketing and branding have developed to a point where reaching a large audience is within the reach of most businesses and individuals. Most are free, easy to use and can be incredibly effective and powerful, and all that is lacking is a point of entry and a little plain English in regards to how to use them properly.

    My background has been in devising and executing strategies for using these channels, and as Digital Art Science I strive to bring my brand of high level strategic thinking to more than just the blue-chips and help small and medium businesses prepare for, and take advantage of web 2.0, social media and beyond.

    Check out my site or drop me a message if you have any questions. I’m particularly keen to build my network of clients and suppliers/freelancers as I am fairly recently returned from the UK and don’t have a mass of contacts.

    Thank you and all the best!


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