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    Hello everybody,

    I started out offering digital freelance services after gaining invaluable experience working for a digital agency. I am Google Analytics and Google AdWords qualified and have a passion for digital that sees me learning daily to keep on top of the ever changing digital landscape.

    Who is the right person to work on your next digital project? This question can be a challenging one for a business.

    Do they have the right experience and technical know how, can they translate what you think you want into actionable outcomes? How do they communicate, will they be available (and resolve potential pot holes BEFORE the tyre bursts), should I go with an expensive agency or with a digital freelancer, do they charge me the right amount or am I getting ripped off? All of these questions are difficult to answer, yet crucial to determine who is the right business partner for you.

    Before I moved into the digital space, I worked in a totally unrelated sector – Social Services, where I worked with juvenile offenders, attempting to address issues they were experiencing. After 8 years in that industry, I very much enjoy achieving tangible outcomes for my clients, which wasn’t always so easy in my previous career.

    After moving to Sydney from Germany in 2005 I now live on the Northern Beaches of Sydney enjoying life with Claire, my partner in crime, Harvey, my son as well as our 2 Burmese cats Lilu and Hendrix.



    Effective collaboration with you, the client, allows me to be the best at what I do. Producing a digital asset such as a website is a complex beast, but no-one knows your business like you do, and the insights and input you provide are what make good projects great.


    I believe being a passionate, proactive business partner is what sets me apart. I won’t just take your money and apply a formula, I’ll treat you and your business needs as individuals, and create a custom solution that works – for you.


    Producing a great product, that works to achieve a client’s objective, gives me great satisfaction. Learning daily in the vast changing digital space ensures that the quality of my work I produce remains high.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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