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    Jacqui Pryor
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    Hi all (and, hi to any familiar faces still hanging around here 🙂 )

    I used to be here pretty much daily, but, have dropped off to checking in once a month or so.

    I’ve just tried, twice, to respond to a post in the “other discussions” thread, concerning trade mark adverse reports. However, despite submitting a response twice there’s no post appearing. Are posts now submitted for moderator approval before appearing online? Or, is there a glitch? Or, have I done something wrong in submitting my reply?

    I’ve checked the box to be notified for updates on the post so if it is just a case of moderators needing to approve first, I’m sure I’ll be notified in due course.

    Thanks, Jacqui

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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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