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    Keeta Nova
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    Great question!

    Definitely consider outsourcing tasks that either take you too long, or you aren’t good at. This all depends on your business model, but don’t spend hours at a computer without getting results. Quite often you can pass the task on to someone else for less than you expect.

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    Not knowing what your business does makes it almost impossible to give a qualified response.

    If you can get a PART TIME job that pays $45K I would do that while the kids are small.

    It could take all those small years to get your business earning you $45k

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    In short, No. Well from my experience anyway.

    I would like to think that starting off it wouldn’t be too hard however once diving in well I was awoken to what I was in for.

    the first 12 months –
    1. Full website design and into production. I think I did this in total 3 times.
    2. Software development and implementation.
    3. Full SEO optimisation. Twice.
    4. Creation of Client Database.
    5. Meetings, client follow-up, marketing and advertising.

    As at this point going into 14 months, it has been long,hard and by myself, it is dependent on your background, cash flow and how much you want to do.

    As I have two houses, my partner to support through her final stages of her PHD, plus the start up…money wasn’t free. My background is heavily I.T so I had no issues with the work but definitely took alot of house.

    Working my main job, I completed 9 hours there and came home and did 6 more while the Mrs worked on hers. this was daily with one weekend locked solely to the business. Each week, I did 300 hours on the business so thats about 15,500 hours for the year.

    I guess with more free cash I could of completed many tasks through external contractors but that wasn’t an option.

    On the other side of the coin though, I like the very hands on nature, to develop, build and create a business by myself. I have enjoyed the last 14 months and have learnt so much more.

    When you get an idea and you want to run with it, knowing at only 13% of small businesses survive, having the attitude of only 9-5 maybe just a dream.


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    CubeTech, post: 97383 wrote:
    Each week, I did 300 hours on the business so thats about 15,500 hours for the year.

    Hi Andrew,

    I sincerely hope there’s a typo in there somewhere, as most weeks don’t have 300 hours in them! Either that or you’ve succeeded in learning how to bend time to meet your will. In which case could you please teach me how? ;-)


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