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    Is your marketing business always on your side, or they harrassing some of your clients/potential clients to the point you would never use the business.

    Case in point our local medical clinic has one of those TV screens that are supposed to give medical information , but also advertises local business’s, nothing wrong with that.

    Accept that every couple of months I get a call from the marketing company trying to sell me advertising space, I say no, I say no take me of the list, I say no, take me of the list and stop harrassing me. And it continues. I send complaint to medical centre and it continues.

    I stop using the medical centre, and anyone who asks me for a recommendation, doesnt get a referral there.

    Is you marketing company really on your side??

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    The’re must be good money for the practice in having those screens in waiting rooms. I’m over a 1000k west of you and the regional medical centre we use has them too, bloody awful things, makes the day time TV seem riveting.

    I hope the clinic didn’t give them your contact info so they could annoy you? I’m assuming not because I figured you’d already be suing them.

    I think some businesses don’t have a clue how they’re promoted by the agencies they use.

    There’s been no shortage of examples here of some half witted post with a link to what is often an otherwise legit business…a couple of times I’ve emailed the business involved with repeat offenders. The ads did stop but I was surprised anyone would be dumb enough to use a marketing company that thought bombing forums was a good idea.

    I have to hand it to them, they’re inventive if nothing else. I thought I’d had every kind of scam hit my phone, but today I got one I hadn’t had before and I’m a tad pissed off.

    I got a dodgy text message, nothing unusual in that, that bit is easy but they addressed me by name ” hey Greg I thought you would like this”…that’s the bit that’s pretty hard to get right imo.

    I could easy spend another hour bagging crap marketing.

    Tom ISW
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    I can guarantee any marketing company that adds me to their email marketing list without asking is costing themselves and their clients money in ACMA Spam fines.

    If you ever get an email from a marketing agency that you didn’t ask for – run, don’t walk, away.

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    These are not marketing companies, they are media/advertising sellers. They definitely do try to harass businesses and they definitely aren’t a good use of your marketing dollars, unless you are advertising a medical/health product.

    When people are sitting in a Doctor’s waiting room, they are either feeling unwell, or they are perhaps worrying about whether they might be unwell. This is not a good time to engage them with your business message, especially if it doesn’t relate to healthcare services.

    To anyone using these services and expecting to get ‘sales’, yourexpectations are misplaced. The role of this kind of media is simply exposure of your brand to drive presence. It will only have a useful effect if you do it continuously and frequently. Once won’t help you.

    As far as them harassing your own clients, that it absolutely appalling and not a good practice at all. When you ask to be removed from a list (that you likely never signed up for in the first place), they must remove you immediately. You can certainly report them to ACCC if they do not.

    However, they are nothing to do with the medical centre as such. They are an independent company who have sold their screens into the medical centre. It’s probably worth raising with the medical centre, but I would assume they are making money from the media agency, so unlikely to want to stop doing that.

    Evo the marketing guy
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    The in-clinic GP televisions and medical brochure boards used to be an incredibly effective marketing channel.

    They were one of my client’s number one sources of new business about a decade ago.

    Then a strange thing happened. Everyone got a computer in their pocket. (mobile phone).

    Today, any audit of a GP waiting room will show that 90% of people are on their phones. (not looking at the screens or brochure boards).

    This channel, for my marketing dollars, is well and truly dead.

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    Evo the marketing guy, post: 269434, member: 31829 wrote:
    Today, any audit of a GP waiting room will show that 90% of people are on their phones. (not looking at the screens or brochure boards).


    That would be an interesting study to read, do you have a link to the audit documents

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