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    Hey my fellow Soloists,

    As I imagine 99% of the people on this forum are planning to market their website through the internet (because let’s face it – it’s cheaper and most people on here aren’t rich [rich]) – you may have to look into hiring a web developer. I’ve seen a bunch of scary looking websites from guys asking me critique theirs on forums and here as well.

    There’s a lot of web developers that are crappy (won’t name which countries) but also there are some that are way over priced.

    As I assume most people here are not looking for the cheapest thing ever – and also don’t want to spend a ton of money paying for stuff they don’t want I WROTE AN EBOOK on how to avoid getting ripped off by your web developer.

    This will probably appeal to those that want to spend a couple grand getting everything to a good standard (not $500 cheapos) but who also want to get the biggest bang for the buck for what they spend (“Yes I’ll spend a couple $k’s – but I want to ensure every dollar I put in gives me the biggest bang for my buck.”).

    So here is my eBook – entitled ‘How to Not Get Ripped off By Your Web Developer – Web Developer Spills the Beans on 5 Ways the Web Development Industry is Ripping You Off’


    As Tai says knaaaaaawlege is power and I’m making this book available for free on my website which you can check out below:

    [Mod Edit to remove duplicate link]

    I’ve been in this game for a long time and know all the tricks – and I’m revealing them here!

    Let me know your thoughts – any constructive feedback. Be all up in my PM’s if you like – I will respond to you all.

    Peace out.

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