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    Hi all. Used to be a member of flying solo and now back again.

    After returning to work for wages, I was unfortunately made redundant in July last year. Now struggling to regain employment, and six months facing the fortnightly degrading task of waiting in line at centrelink it was time to decide on a new pathway.

    A connection of mine through my other passion (track cycling) is a major importer of premium quality, commercial spec LED lighting products that supply major projects all around Australia and has supply contracts to some big multinational companies, hotel chains and shop fitters.

    He has allowed me to set up a small retail business, using some of his best selling wholesale products.

    Basically through my eBay shop “supernova_lighting” I am now able to offer LED down lights of superior quality at a retail price or par with the wholesale price a company pays when ordering by the container load.

    I would love to network with electricians, business owners and individuals interested in making the switch to LED lighting.

    Nic James

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    Hi Nic,

    Nice to meet you, and thanks for (re)introducing yourself to us all.

    Please feel free to post any questions you have about your business in the relevant section of the forum, and I’m sure our brains trust will pop in with some suggestions for your consideration.

    All the best,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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