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    Hi all,

    Blessed to come across this forum online and it seems like a great place for Australian business owners to network with each other.

    I am William. A Malaysian Chinese currently resides in Brisbane. Relocated from Singapore last December to join my wife here. I was an engineer in the oil & gas industry previously. In early 2019, I started my Waste-To-Energy Power Plant business in the Philippines with a few business partners. Since my wife got pregnant last December, I had decided to resign from my Executive Directorship and look after my wife.

    I’m new on this platform but definitely not new in brokering deals! Since I’d been active in South East Asia particularly in Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines. I make use of my vast connection there to bring over some deals to offer anyone who is interested in the COVID-19 test kits, N95 face mask, powderless nitrile gloves, oil & gas product (LNG, LPG, LCO, D2, JP54, etc.), coal and military-grade tungsten.

    Anyone who is like me, enjoy interacting and brokering deals, do PM me. I’m all ears and even willing to have ZOOM session with you. I would love to meet-up face-to-face with you but considering the COVID-19 situation in QLD is picking up again, let’s just ZOOM if possible. Looking forward to hear from you, cheers!

    Paul – FS Concierge
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    Hi and welcome to Flying Solo William.

    I hope your wife is faring well – what an interesting time we are living in to have a baby!

    Good luck in establishing your business in Australia.

    I hope you have some positive updates for us in future.



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    Thanks, Paul, for your warm welcome.

    Currently, I’m working with my business partners on oil and gas deals. It’s picking up again in South East Asia after some quiet time earlier this year.

    Will keep the good news coming! ;)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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