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    10 Essential Ingredients of a Successful USP

    1. It Boldly Telegraphs The Promise Of Big Benefits For The Customer
    2. It Claims You are Unique And Dramatically Different
    3. Being Focused, It Doesn’t Try To Appeal To Everyone
    4. It Addresses the Important, Relevant Customer Concerns
    5. It is Short and Simple, Concise, Memorable And Easy To Communicate
    6. Interesting Or Exciting, it Grabs Attention
    7. It has the Seal of Credibility Since its Believability is Self-Evident
    8. Persuasive, Motivating and Compelling, It Prompts Customers To Act
    9. It Penetrates All Aspects of Your Business, Which Totally Support It
    10. It Must be Economically Feasible So That iIt Can Support A Business

    NOTE: The following examples are just that…examples, not award winners.

    USP Examples for Products

    • Microwave dinners that kids can make for themselves
    • A shampoo and conditioner for “swimmer’s hair”
    • Computer screens with 15% more color resolution and 24% less radiation
    • A car whose global positioning unit comes as standard equipment.
    • A time management seminar for career women with families
    • Lightweight flashlights made of high tensile aluminum that can withstand any impact and last forever
    • A home toolkit for the woman who does everything herself
    • Light bulbs that shine 53% brighter, last 30% longer than competing brands, and use 10% less energy
    • “Vedic grade” colored gemstones of the rarest colors, clarity and quality that are good enough to change your astrological fortune
    • A French language course that involves your emotions so that you learn more words quicker and have higher recall
    • A pair of hiking shoes guaranteed for life
    • Toll free technical support with a live, in-the-country person
    • A cruise ship for hire where the only affair aboard the yacht is yours
    • A coffee maker that uses no hassle, prepackaged gourmet coffee pads
    • A European shirt ironing device whose “results amaze even professional launderers”
    • A steam iron that incorporates a special anti-crease agent cartridge
    • An electric shaver that incorporates shaving gel
    • A safe running show with blinking lights in the heel so that people will see you in the dark

    USP Examples for Businesses

    • Private Investigator: “We’ll find the person you’re seeking for a flat fee or double your money-back.”
    • Podiatrist: “Free foot exam.”
    • Vocational School: “87% of our students get higher paying jobs within 3 months of graduation.”
    • Dentist: “Painless tooth care for kids who can watch entertaining movies while we make sure they maintain their healthy smiles.”
    • Accountant: “We’ll get you every possible legal tax deduction and if you are ever challenged, we’ll sit with you and defend you for free.”
    • Home Security: “Systems designed and installed by a team of ex-policemen.”
    • Cosmetician: “I’ll do a beautiful job because your face is my fortune.”
    • Nutritionist: “I teach you how to behave in front of food and shed excess pounds through non-toxic herbal formulas.”
    • Weight loss Center: “We’ll help you lose 10 pounds in 10 weeks or double your money-back.”
    • Feng shui Consultant: “With a few simple changes of rearranging furniture or using new colors, I help you create a new energy flow in your home that brings greater health, romance and prosperity into your life.”
    • Refrigerated Trucking Business: “The UPS of refrigerated trucking.”
    • Jeweler: “We keep track of birthdays and anniversaries in our computer so that you’ll never forget your wife.”
    • Contractor: “We use materials that will save you 40% on your heating bill”
    • Real Estate Agent: “Our 5-step marketing plan will sell your house in 30 days or the fee is reduced by a quarter point at closing.”
    • Travel Agent: “One call does it all – we’ll handle everything for you, even the tiny details.”
    • Packaging Company: “Environmentally friendly, biodegradable packaging that surpasses the US FDA standards.”
    • Commercial Photographer: “Digital photography with instant approval of the shots that let’s us shoot the picture YOU want.”
    • Dance Studio: “Without laughter or embarrassment, learn 5 new dance steps in 2 months time, painlessly.”
    • Comedian: “I’m a convention comedian who can raise spirits and bring smiles and laughter to the faces of employees just when you need it most.”

    Think those examples suck?

    So what’s your Unique Selling Proposition?

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    The USP is DEAD – it’s ALL about the Unique Value Proposition.

    Funny, I’ve been saying this for 8 months. Then, I went to see Spike Humer speak a couple of months ago (Spike ran Jay Abraham’s companies in the States for more than 10 years) – and he said EXACTLY the same thing!

    Unfortunately his process is 37 steps and hours long. I can create a UVP for anyone in about 15 minutes (30 minutes if you don’t know who your target market is) and 4 steps. This is my area of expertise!

    We have a different UVP for every product and service we offer – some of ours include:

    If you are a speaker or business coach turning over $500k-$1Million a year and are currently working 60+ hours a week, Business Writers Anonymous can create an information product for you that will add $100k / year to your bottom line while allowing you to work 10 hours a week less – we’ll even give you everything you need to see ROI in less than 2 months.

    Business Writers Anonymous is the only company that takes you through a fun, easy, step-by-step process to uncover the hidden assets on your hard drive and to determine the right product format for you and your clients so that you can start making money immediately and creating a business that rocks your (and the!) world. Backed by the expertise of Australia’s #1 Information Product Specialist who has years of experience producing 100+ products across several industries that have created in excess of $4Milllion in value – and counting. Let us show you how to claim your share – because if you’re not productising your expertise, someone else is.

    Over 3 days, the Over Your Business Bootcamp will show you how to use the
    skills of Productisation, Systemisation and Outsourcing to create $100,000
    income in your business over the next 12 months while working 10 hours less every week. This isn’t MLM or network marketing – we will take the business you have NOW and reincarnate it into something that pays you while you do what you love!

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    Thanks for your awesome response!

    Just wondering, have you hear of Emotional Selling Proposition?


    Its more of a big business thing i guess. But advertising & marketing messages that triggers emotionals.

    Macdonalds – “I’m loving it”, they also do ads of families go to maccas after say a soccer match etc etc – selling good times rather than the food


    Coca-Cola – “Whenever there is fun theres always coca-cola”

    That sort of stuff.

    Any thoughts on that?

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