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    So Letter Box Deals uses/used Australia Post Unadressed mail to grow their business… plus they have an online database so I could do a physical mailing and an electronic mailing.

    I have a $10 coupon code for an online natural health product store I would like to promote and was wondering what your thoughts are in regards to whether I would get a better response from a group of people who have signed up to Letter Box Deals to get coupons and such, or by sending a direct mail postcard to every letterbox in Australia?

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    Hi Health Advocate,

    Firstly, You’re looking at a very expensive marketing campaign!

    The key is to do your research and get your marketing message 100% right.

    I’m assuming your target market like to receive coupon deals?

    Letterbox deals is a fraction of the cost to advertise compared to printing your own Flyers and then distributing them through Australia Post.

    Australia wide reach of 7,000,000 homes through letterbox deals is around $65,000 including their $20% discount from memory (sorry, I could be wrong).

    I recall it was just Under 1c per advertisement.

    Australia Post will be $1,000,000+ just for distribution (plus you then have print costs – depends on exact size and thickness but I estimate a minimum $10,000 for 7 million DL flyers for web printing).

    Australia Post is around 15c per advertisement.

    What will work better? My experience is an individual postcard… but keep in mind it’s 15x the cost to letterbox deals!

    What will give a better ROI is the QUESTION that really needs to be asked!

    My question to you is before hitting 7,000,000 + homes across Australia investing $65,000 or $1,000,000 to hit all the homes in Australia have you test and measured your results from lets say 5,000 homes, 10,000 homes, or 50,000 homes?

    I distribute a publication similar to Letterbox deals here in Sydney, but better quality publication (A5 in size, 150gsm paper and hand delivered with full GPS tracking) and a totally different target market.

    My target market is local tradies, local retail shops, local medical and local professional services…

    I also do individual and grouped (2-4 individual flyers) letterbox distribution GPS tracked in Sydney.

    In my experience an Individual Hand Delivered flyer is better and will generally receive a better response overall (using identical ads)….

    Truth is, it’s a lot more expensive doing it alone!

    I offer a grouped publication for a fraction of individual printing and distribution cost and the grouped advertisement usually produces a better ROI based on lower cost to advertise (same as Letterbox deals).

    Another benefit of Letterbox deals is you are advertising with usually well known multi national businesses…. (with mine it is with other well known local businesses)….

    This can give your business instant trust and rapport especially if the reader uses the publication to purchase other product or services and has received a good experience with the publication previously.

    My advice is to make sure you get a good return on investment on a smaller scale and then you should be able to work out if it is a viable way to advertise?

    The Offer and Call To Action will determine your overall results… I suggest split testing at least 5 different advertisements on a 10,000 scale to see what gets the best response.

    A good strong Call To Action should be getting the reader to either go to your website, call you up, email an enquiry/order, fill out a form and post it, come into your shop just to name a few different ways.

    Get the marketing right before investing on a large scale!

    Even a measly 0.0001% increase in enquiries/sales would produce 700 more potential clients/clients for the exact same advertising dollar spent!

    This is usually the difference between a profitable marketing campaign and an expensive marketing campaign that is perceived “not to work”.

    Another way to instantly halve your costs using an individual flyer is going halves with another “non competing and similar target market” business to advertise there advertisement on the back page!

    I do this regularly for businesses like a hairdressing salon and a beauty salon, plumber and a lawn mowing service, florist and jewellery store, real estate and a removalist etc.

    How many clients do you intend to generate from 7,000,000 homes?


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