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    Robert Gerrish
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    As you can see, Flying Solo’s new home is up and running and boy, do we hope you like it!

    We anticipate there’ll be a few bugs around the place and we know not everyone will love all we’ve done. Change is like that, isn’t it?

    If you’re already registered with our forums or subscribed to our newsletter, look out for an email that will help us migrate you to our new system and enable you to more easily move around the site, while maintaining one identity.

    If you’re an existing forum member, you can log in using your email address and forum password using the login box on the top right of the site.

    Dive in, look around and tell us what you think.

    It’s your new home and we’ve loved getting it ready for you!

    Robert, Sam, Peter, Jayne & Lisa – AKA the FS crew.

    UPDATE: We’ve been helping a handful of people with login issues. If you’re having problems, the advice on this page should help.

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    Can I be the first to say CONGRATULATIONS on the birth of a beautiful baby.

    Have only had a scan around for now, got to get my sign up sorted so I go further, and the time to digest,,,, but it looks good.

    Still no access to smilies though, darn,, might just have to live with that, hmm is there a partion button around here??? OK will just have to go away and have a good look around, have a good nights sleep Robert – I don’t think you have too much to fear.

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    I love it, much better

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    I only have one word…………….WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    It looks great – Peter (FS) – I have sent you a private email re problem with deleting and uploading images to the professional images – but the whole site is great. Well done! :)

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    Oooooohhh, its all new and shiny in here…

    Well done guys, great job, it looks really good. Hope the inevitable bugs ain’t biting too hard.


    Peter – FS Administrator
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    Hi all, thanks so much for taking the time to post! It does feel a little like child birth (or so I’m told) so we’re glad you like the new baby so far.

    Aidan, yep, we’re ready to jump on inevitable bugs so don’t hesitate to let us know either on this thread or http://www.flyingsolo.com.au/contact

    Karen, congratulations on being our first profile member in the member directory!! Queue the streamers and balloons :) It looks great.

    And also for finding the first bug :( I’ll email you now about those images and get it sorted asap for you and see what the problem was.

    Thanks all.

    We’ll be sending out an email in the morning to let people know about the new site.

    Peter and FSers

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    Woohoo, I’m back in. Yay.

    I hope the new site brings in a whole new bunch of folks that we can all talk to here in the Forums.

    Well done guys!

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    Peter, your use of the being in labour analogy would be insulting if it weren’t in fact true.

    I’ve been in labour twice, three times if you count this site.

    Fortunately I’m now a very proud mum.


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    Hi ya — looks good.

    Please trash my earlier email re the password. It first looked as if I couldn’t access with my old password so I asked for a new one. Which I couldn’t activate – and an hour later the old one worked.

    The Graphic Design Categories are a bit confusing – I can either set it to Design & Ilustration: Graphic or to Branding … but one doesn’t exclude the other in my opinion.


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    Congratulations Sam, boy or girl?

    Robert Gerrish
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    Hi Astrid

    Thanks for your update and we’re pleased the password worked! Regarding the categories, we’ve tried to do it based on what we believe people may search under and clearly sub-categorising ought to help with searches.

    Inevitably there’s going to be crossover and we’ll keep a close eye on it.


    Chris Bates
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    I love the change, but… There’s WAY too much white on the forums.

    It’s difficult to easily differentiate between different sections. Everything has a white background!

    I find myself scrolling down to the breadcrumb at the end of a thread and going too far, because everything just blends in.

    With the directories, the obvious exclusion to me was for ‘Web Design’. Seems to me every other base is covered, but in terms of people relating to a term they know – there should definitely be a ‘Web Design’ category somewhere.

    Also, any issues with Matt and I listing in two separate categories? :P

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    Congratulations – it looks great – the tribe are here!!

    one small comment, and maybe others can say whether it is just me and my view.

    The writing is extremely close to the rightt hand side on some pages.

    Great Work!!

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    Hi Robert :)

    Thanks, that’s fair enough – so I better change my listing to branding as everyone is using that word now :)

    Heather – I have heaps of white space left and right.

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