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    Hi All,

    what do you think of live chat on your website?

    I came across http://www.webachat.com.au which are offering a free trial.

    Does it work in terms of increase in conversion rates?

    Hope to hear your thoughts:)


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    Hi Dave

    Firstly welcome on your first post! HOWDY!

    Dave, do you work for them or are you a small business operator as well? just an unusual first post i thought… If you need a chat service yourself, just do a little research first as the costs appear to be more for a multi faceted business more so than a solo operator… at an entry level price of $129.00 there are some free offerings available out there that may be slightly reduced in offerings, although still service just as well..

    Look forward to hearing more about DAVE and what you need from a chat facility, then you might get some more feedback to suit your requirements..


    May want to do a little research before jumping into bed with anyone too soon..

    For the people i have come across in the forum

    Jason Ramage | Lucas Arthur Pty Ltd | E: [email protected]   P: 61 3 8324 0344    M: 61 412 244 888
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    Hi Dave,

    I used to run an ecommerce website and used a live chat that came with cpanel at the time. Around 5 years ago the site drew in about 80 unique visits per day. Over about 6 months when I had the chat feature I had a few chats.

    On the negative having it there made me feel pressured to be near the computer all day, even going to the lavatory or kitchen was a hurried experience. It stopped working on its own at some point so I put my phone number on the top right corner flashing to be noticed. I found increased sales through checkout of over 50%, people would call to confirm stock availability and freight costs before committing to an order.

    For the industry I was in a contact number proved better, it may be different for you and your industry.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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