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    Susie75, post: 241106, member: 75608 wrote:
    ckgdesign, Is that a direct question to me? I don’t know, what can you say?!
    I see you’re a designer so I’m not surprised you feel like that but I have a logo I like and I’m happy with, so I’d say I got a bargain for $5. Perhaps people get talked into paying thousands of $ outlay when setting up a business that is completely unnecessary :)
    You didn’t [necessarily] get a bargain. You spent $5 on an image which you think represents your company when it [may not]


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    EdgeAutoConcepts, post: 241073, member: 66794 wrote:
    I came across a small startup business recently that got ripped off to the tune of $1700 for a very average logo.

    please try free online tools, that will be better option to save your money

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    This actually depends on the type of account you are purchasing. I can give you examples.

    If you are buying a logo, a $5 gig might offer you a file in.PNG or.JPG format. You use it, but it wouldn’t be easy to edit or resize in the future if you have the need to. The original seller usually designs an image of that type in a program that makes an image in a vector format like.AI or.SVG. Those formats are easy to edit and re-size if you have the software or hire someone who has it. So, if you pay extra for the source file, you should receive a highly editable file.

    There are other types of source files for other types of gigs. Some other visual design gigs would involve the creation of a file in Photoshop first and the source file would be a.PSD. it is up to you what you choose
    Logo Transparency, Source File, Social Media Kit, stationery design services. etc

    If I design you a legal document for a low price, you’ll apparently get a form in.PDF format and it may be locked for changes. My source file might be a.DOCX. An e-book might also be in.DOCX as a source file but you might receive it pre-formatted for Amazon instead. So, there isn’t one answer to your question, but in general, the source file is the high-quality editable version of a file that somebody performs for you.

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    First off I am not trying to be a downer here as it sounds like you are having fun during the logo creation process, but just a word of warning…

    Gotta agree with others here and wonder why you would devalue your identity that much and just get the cheapest logo you can get done, especially when you’re going to reportedly be using it in so many places.

    For example – how much thought do you think goes into a $5 logo? I doubt any – if your business is about cleaning they would probably just get a mop icon (which they may or may not have the rights to use), slap your business name near it and bang, there’s your logo.

    How does this logo represent you as a company? It likely doesn’t and probably could be given to xyz cleaning co or abc cleaning co as well.

    Additionally, if you are planning on using the logo in a lot of different places then you will likely need to make sure that:

    • It still looks good in greyscale (black and white)
    • You can make it out at tiny sizes (What if you want to put it on a pen for example)
    • It’s created as a vector

    Further reading can be seen here by one of FS’s own members: http://www.bluepenguin.com.au/services/logo-design.html

    However, I do understanding starting out you are generally on a shoe-string budget, so I’m just bringing this up to provide some thought and consideration as if you decide you aren’t happy with the logo you end up going with later on after putting it on a whole bunch of things then it can get costly to re-brand everything.

    Good luck!

    The Lucky Country
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    You could check out some other providers of cheap logos if you don’t get a good result from Fiverr:
    Our logos are mostly done in-house now, but I’ve used Logo Nerds a few times in the past and the results were pretty good.

    This article has some good tips on logo design:

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    eatyourveggies, post: 240836, member: 60116 wrote:
    The logo should have been designed in Adobe Illustrator or other similar software which creates “vector” files, not “bitmapped” files.

    1. You want the original (“source”) file from this software, including the font files for any fonts used in the design

    95% of designers will have designed in Adobe Illustrator. The Illustrator file is needed when you give your logo to someone else for changes. Without the Illustrator file, it’s difficult to make changes. You can also give an Illustrator file to 95% of print houses.

    Worst case, if they didn’t use Illustrator to create the design, then as a “source” file, you want an EPS file. This is very similar to an Illustrator File but it can be opened by anyone in any software (that knows what they’re doing). Changes can be made to the logo but not quite as easily as making changes in an Illustrator file. 100% of print houses should be able to open an EPS file.

    Illustrator (or EPS) files are used for printing. So once you have a logo in Illustrator (or EPS) format, a designer can then design up any brochures / business cards / etc… and again, save that design in Illustrator (or EPS) format for printing.

    From the Illustrator (or EPS) file, any other format of file can be created. The most common format you’ll need is:

    2. PNG file (with transparency, if relevant), about 500px wide. This can be used for websites. 500px wide is big enough to be a big banner image on a website, or the coder can scale it down to be as small as an icon if needed.

    That’s really all you need.

    In the time I wrote this, I could have done it for you. Send me the file and I’ll give you the formats you need and won’t charge you.

    Photoshop is as equally capable of creating Logos as vector files.

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