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    Im based in North Ryde. I have a hobby/serious photography hobby. I while ago i wanted to sell my photos of Sydney and the surrounding country area as canvas prints of various sizes. I didn’t go well and its dampened my enthusiasm a bit. I mainly went to Balmain Market, thinking that was the demographic i was looking for, and the guy that ran it did make price cut for me (not sure if that was just to fill the gaps and make the market look better). Lots of people there said “you need to be here every week to get known, which i would say i did a fair run at it, but even at the lower market charge it started to cost money, money i wasnt making at all. I had a few people take my business card, but nothing came of it.

    I also tried Bondi, even though that was close to $100, but thought id take the risk as i really thought that had to be the right people for my work, but in the end still no sales.

    Sp after a long break and with better photo results im now thinking perhaps my best tack is to ask anyone here if they’ve ever sold other peoples items on their stall. If so i’d be very interested to chat with like minded stall owners that sell artwork if they’d be interested to sell on my prints, with a percentage of the sale going to you. Im thinking an art based stall would be good for my canvas prints.

    My website has examples of my artwork thats going on canvas prints, http://www.creativeninja.com.au


    Tim/Creative Ninja.

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    I see that you already have a website for you work. Why not turn it into an online store instead of going to a physical market? And work on your SEO optimisation and online marketing campaign to bring in traffic. – Hope this help.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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