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    Hi I’m looking for a phone answering service company and found that there are some companies are not doing a great job.

    I’m not getting many phone calls a day, probably around 3-10 calls.
    My customers are usually asking fairly simple questions like – what is my turnaround, where is your office, how many is minimum order etc.

    If customers are asking complicated questions, I want the phone answering company to send me an email with the message. So it’s not a simple phone answering, this company need to have my FAQs and answer some basic questions.

    Is there a company who does this kind of work?

    If any one used this sort of service, could you please recommend?

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    I’ve had pretty good experiences with ServCorp before. You can provide a specific script for them and they’re good at deflecting questions about whether they’re an answering service.

    Not sure about whether they work from an FAQ though.

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    I can recommend a true 24/7 Australian based phone answer service which can offer a basic or intermediate level service (including like FAQs). Please message me for details.

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    I have a team of VAs who provide this kind of service and had two clients request VAs this week via my website. Got quite a few responses from our VAs too. Shows there are locals here that are keen to do that line of work. My website is in my signature block if you’d like to send out a request.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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