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    Hi everyone, I would like to meet up with prospective businesses in regards to setting up a busines referral network.
    I Contract for a financial services company which includes financial planning, finance brokerage, investment property researchers, and property management which allows for a unbiased integrated package for the client.
    I have contracts in place already with an accounting firm already and some other professional companies, but I am looking to build a relationship with businesses so that we can build our businesses together.
    What I am looking for is businesses that offer a service or something similar, that would be willing to promote each others businesses by way of a loyalty or reward program……make sence?

    A typical senario is for example, a lady who sells a popular brand of plastic containers home to home, who can “give” as a gift for saying thank you to her client, a 2hr session with a financial planner or a ticket to a wealth creation seminar or a sample of a product you are trying to break into the market with.
    I believe the possibillities are endless and the more, the better for everyone.

    I know my company offer comercial referral commisions, and I love to be able to offer a “bonus” to any new customers I deal with. Send me a PM if you are interested or would like to brainstorm any further ideas.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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