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    Hello all.

    Bit of a different request here, I’m looking for folks willing to provide feedback on an automated series of 5 emails I’ve written. It’s been created with small business owners in mind. Specifically, those who are non-professional writers, but take care of creating their own content and want some extra writing tips.

    If that sounds appealing to you, cool. Let’s carry on. If not your bag, kthanksbye.

    What exactly is involved

    1. Agree to receive my emails – I can either put you on the list manually so you can sign up on my site (address to follow).
    2. Get the 5 emails over a week.
    3. Receive a fifth email with a link to a quick 10 question survey.
    4. Remove yourself from my list or tell me at the start of all this you’re just in it for testing and I’ll happily unsubscribe you and thank you so much for agreeing to be a part of my test.

    Right, how many of you baulked at point number 1?

    A valid reaction and you’re right to be sceptical. But before you jump down my throat with “FFS, just another marketing person using the forums to scheme her way into growing her email list,” let me assure you that I am not. I even ran all this past the admins such was my concern of coming off as a prat.

    The thing is, I’ve created something that needs honest feedback from a group more relevant than my mum and mates. But part of what I’m testing and would like feedback on is the email triggers and frequency. It’s why popping the whole lot on a web page for you to read won’t work.

    One question I want to answer is, ‘am I sending them too quickly?’ and I can only get you to comment on that if you agree to go through the sequence for real.

    Assurance I’m not hunting for lead gen

    If you’re willing to help me out, as I mentioned in point 4 I’m happy to unsubscribe you as soon as that survey email has been sent to your inbox.

    To state again: I am not fishing for lead gen.

    Notify me here, by DM or even by replying to one of the emails, to let me know you want taking off the list right after testing. I’ll put a tag by your registered email address so this is done. (Am about to talk to my ESP to see if there is a way to auto-unsubscribe people without impacting anyone who genuinely subscribes to my list, although fear this might not be easy to do.)

    There is, of course, an unsubscribe link in every email so once you’ve received the additional 6th email with survey link, you can unsubscribe then and there.

    Still with me?
    Phew! Thanks, appreciated. Know this is a long post, but wanted to make sure I had covered off all concerns (and avoid any potential hate mail!) by getting it all crystal.

    If you’d like to help you can:

    • Sign up at rosemcrompton.com (pop up box, footer or dedicated landing page)
    • Let me know by replying to this thread and I’ll DM you for email addie to add you manually.
    • Skip the first bit and just DM and I’ll add you.

    Thank you so much for your time and to those who are willing to help. Really appreciate it.


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    Hey Rose! I LOVE the way you wrote that – so, given you’re offering writing tips I think your post is a brilliant start and already shows your talent. You’ve captured my curiosity! You’ve been open in saying this is not a lead gen post, so I’ll be open in saying I probably won’t subscribe further 😳 BUT, happy to be added to your list in order to receive emails & surveys & give feedback etc.

    At first glance, 5 emails in 1 week seems a little intense but at the same time I’m quite intrigued around their content such that they deserve such an approach! My email is jacqui@mmwtrademarks.com.au so feel free to subscribe me and I’m more than happy to review content… Happy to keep receiving until the survey and not bow out sooner and do hope it will be useful for you :)

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    Hi [USER=20176]@JacquiPryor[/USER], thank you so much for your kind words about my writing and having you volunteer to help with testing is massively appreciated.

    I shall add you to my list now so you should start receiving the emails today. I’ll then remove you in 7 days time as soon as I’ve seen that last email has been sent.

    Hope you have a tip-top Friday.

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    My pleasure Rose – Email # 1 safely received :)

    Do you want feedback as we go (won’t post here obviously) – or save it all up for the survey at the end?

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    Woohoo! And whatever is easiest for you, Jacqui. There is space in the survey for a good amount of feedback, but if it’s reams and reams then either:

    a) reply to each individual email with feedback for that one. It’ll get sent to me
    b) save it all up and after the survey if anything missed, send me your notes
    c) happy to jump on a call with you at the end of the series to get additional feedback if that’s quicker and easier. Have done this with one other tester so happy to do again.

    Let me know what works for you.

    Zava Design
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    Why not post up links to the email content rather than require us to sign up and wait? Pretty sure you’d get far more feedback from members here…

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    Hey [USER=34615]@Zava Design[/USER], as mentioned in my post part of what I’d like to test and get feedback on is the frequency of the emails…so ideally need people to go through the series as it happens.

    [USER=20176]@JacquiPryor[/USER], thanks so much for taking the time to go through the sequence and provide feedback. I have now unsubscribed you from the list :)

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