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    Anyone with an Ipad and in love with it?

    * if you don’t have one and you don’t like it… don’t destroy my bubble… looking for amazing reasons to convince my wife that I need another silly toy

    Ken Wood
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    I have one and would say it’s OK.

    I think the best application for it is the photo album, possibly with the book reader 2nd best. Having an iPod in there is handy too sometimes.

    I find it painfully slow as a web browser, I think the CPU is underpowered for that compared to a half-decent laptop.

    Haven’t found a killer app for it yet.


    IT Advocate
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    i love that my son uses it as an expensive game pad. He is 3 years old and there are some great educational and fun children’s games for it. Puzzles and ebooks, kiddy TV shows downloadable through iTunes.

    I too have not found a killer app for it.

    Youtube streaming is shocking (google it), wifi reception is shocking (google again), processor is too slow (lightboxes like those found on realestate sites slow it to a crawl.
    No file structure, cant print from it, cant access network shares, cant use a stylus to handwrite notes.

    You wont be able to use it on Flyingsolo forums, if you hit reply/quote there is no way to access the sidebar scroller of this embedded text box (where im typing now) so i cant move the cursor down below the quoted text.

    2 months after purchase i bought a 11.6 inch laptop that performs much better.

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    I got one for my 2 year old. She picked up and played some apps on a friends iPad and we thought it was a great learning tool. We can download apps now based on her ability.

    It is also great for me to demo websites to clients. I got the 3G model and an optus sim and can take it to clients.

    Great for web reading on the coach as well, but I haven’t fully utilised it as an ereader yet.

    There are a lot of touch devices coming, Samsung Galaxy with a Google Android OS and traditional laptop tablets are getting cheaper.

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    ipad + next G = Bloody ripper!

    I could not run my after hours job from work with out it!!

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    This comment is from my iPad, so you can use them on the forums.

    I think as mobile devices become more prevalent, web designers will have to cater to them more. Do you know how your website looks like on a smart phone? Does it retain it’s look and functionality.

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    I got my hands on one a few month before they came out in Aus. I use it all the time at home but it also annoys the hell out of me. Here is a post on our blog I put up a few days after getting it http://awebsitedesigner.com.au/industry-news/quick-ipad-review/

    The main thing I am constantly telling people it that it doesn’t replace a laptop – it’s completely useless for producing content on, it’s just way too slow. Think iphone but slower because the keys are too small for using both hands but further apart so you can’t type with one hand quickly. It is really handy for consuming content but no good for producing it. So if you want it primarily for emailing, blogging, forum posting etc forget it – get a laptop. You can get a bluetooth keyboard but really why bother, just get a laptop. If you want it for facebook / twittter / youtube / realestate.com or other sites that you spend your life on like me it is great.

    I jailbroke my iphone and use it for Wifi Using MiWi which costs $10 and no tethering fees so I got the cheap ipad WiFi only but can get on the net everwhere as long as I have my phone (which is always).

    I never take it to work, I can’t think of anything I would use it for (and I’m a web designer). I bought the Number ap which is a spreadsheet like Excel and it’s honestly such a PITA to use I don’t even bother.

    We use big oven in the kitchen, Zino for magazines, Twitter Ap is sensational way better than the real twitter – so it the tweetdeck ap. I use it for email but mainly for reading emails not typing out big emails. There are good RSS readers like the early edition etc. I also have Kindle on it but I’m not the best at reading books on it, I like some of the magazines, mainly looking at the pictures as opposed to reading all the text because you kind of have to zoom and it’s a bit annoying.

    The no Flash thing is exceptionally annoying. The fact that the main thing this device can do is browse the web and you regularly find yourself on sites that you can’t see is really really annoying. I never thought it would be a problem, I hardly find it a problem on the iPhone but the iPhone is useless for video anyway because of the size, The ipad is awesome for video – at least for the video that you can actually see.

    I’m still undecided as to whether it was worth the money, it’s certainly only a nice to have, I could definitely live without it although I’m not sure I would want to.

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    I’ve had one since the beginning (using it to write this).
    A couple of months ago my wife used it to totally organize a 5 week trip to Europe, accomm, car hire etc she did most of this with it on her lap in bed, instead of trying to hog my computer. Whas brilliant on the long flight I loaded it up with boggle scrabble poker books etc was great way to help pass time. In Europe I downloaded eu tom-tom and used the iPad propped up on the dashboard, never got lost throughout France and Italy!
    Also would be a great note taker at meetings, various apps for this or just use “notes” free and simple to use, take your notes and save or email them to someone.
    My iPad is definitely not a toy, it’s an extremely useful, convenient tool.

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