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    Some of you may have seen that I am organising an event for Young Entrepreneurs. In light of this, I am looking for a young, fresh web designer to build a site for this event, and in exchange, they can have advertising etc. on the site itself. I know this seems a bit rich, asking someone to spend time on a site in return for some advertising, I am sure you have all heard it before. Essentially, if you have just started out, need to build your portfolio, and when to get your name in front of some potential clients, I think we can help each other. I don’t mind if it is built in Joomla, WordPress, Dreamweaver or whatever else you would like to use to showcase your skills. I have some ideas on design etc. so if you happen to be based in Brisbane, I could certainly stretch to a lunch meeting and pick up the tab :)

    The site itself only needs to be quite basic, but I am hoping this is the start of something bigger, that can grow and the website will need to grow accordingly.

    Please send me a message if you fit the bill and are interested.



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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