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    John Debrincat
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    Niks, post: 70071 wrote:
    I’m wondering what people’s current thoughts are on Magento and what to be wary of?

    Thanks :)

    A lot has already been said in the answers and there is some good information that has been given. But it comes back down to a simple issue:

    Do you want to run a business or a web site / technology platform?

    You sound like you are a startup with limited experience based on the questions that you have raised. If you are not a technical person with some knowledge of web development and hosting then do not touch Magento or for that matter any open source solution. If you have a web development / design company that will build and maintain the site then it is a different issue.

    Initially setting up and building the store is only the starting point. All open source solutions and Magento included will need to be constantly maintained and patched for bugs, vulnerabilities and exploits. So you can basically never stop maintaining the solution.

    If you use a web agency and have an agreed maintenance plan then they do that for you hopefully. If you use a hosted ecommerce solution then the provider does all the maintenance and upgrades to the system as part of the monthly package. There are some really good hosted solutions in Australia and if your business is Australian market focused then I would always recommend Australian hosting.


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    websitedesigner, post: 70444 wrote:
    $200 a month is hundreds of dollars a month in my book.

    No doubt an Australian server would be quicker I don’t need to ping my server to know that, we have a server in Australia as well and 90% of our clients are hosted on our US one. They all know the Aus one is faster. But my guess is they also know that most visitors won’t ping the server, most won’t notice and they wont’ choose not to spend money because it’s slightly slower. Ping facebook.com, 9 million Australians are happily using that.

    You say “much better off” but for me if he’s not selling more than $185 more product on the quicker server then he’s no better off. I don’t know his business well enough to know if he will be better off with the $15 hosting or $1 hosting or $500 hosting but if I were to guess as a start-up I would say investing $200 / month in hosting is massive overkill and puts him at a big disadvantage compared to other online retailers who can sell on hosted commerce platforms with no upfront costs for a quarter of the price.

    Just my 2c.

    Facebook is the exception. They are using a CDN (content distribution network) for serving up static content. That’s why Facebook is extremely fast for Australians. I believe they utilise Akamai’s CDN. Traceroute/ping static.ak.fbcdn.net.

    If the OP’s budget is low, a $15/mo Australian shared hosting plan would be ideal to start off with. See how Magento runs on a shared hosting plan. Your limitations will most likely be the RAM and CPU.


Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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