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    Hi fellow flying solo members,

    For the last 10 months I have been running my own women’s clothing label, pattern making, sourcing fabric and manufacturing everything myself.

    This isn’t viable for the business but has been great to test the market and to build up a bit of an audience.

    Since my pattern making skills are limited and I would like my business to be viable, I’m now travelling to Thailand for 5 weeks to manufacture a small run and to check out and gain some contacts with factories over there for a bigger run after this.

    Im wondering if anyone has done this before and has any hints or tips.

    Any information would be very greatly appreciated!
    If you would profer to speak privately my email is contact@belairthelabel.com

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    Hi there Belairthelabel, and welcome to Flying Solo,

    I don’t have any tips for you, but hope your trip is a huge success, and you come home more inspired by your business than ever.

    And I hope it’s fun too :)

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    Hi Belair,
    Good luck with your Thailand trip. Preparation is everything. So please ensure you have everything clearly documented, tech packs, specifications, detail sheets, samples, fabric qualities, target prices, buying plan etc… Word of mouth referrals are always best when sourcing offshore. Ensure a solid quality control procedure in place ,Eg..who is gong to check your bulk goods prior to shipment? And what exactly do you want checked. Be very clear. If you are checking then great, if not please ensure you have a credible resource on the ground. Ensure that Thailand factories have the capability to meet your labels needs. Its great that you are there for 5 weeks so you can be hands on. . Also fabric testing is important. Ensure insurance when shipping. If you need any further help with other sources please feel free to contact me.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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