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    An online presence is an investment. Set a budget and request several quotes, ensure the domain name & hosting is in the business name with access to the passwords.

    Think differently about marketing, create a handout (brochure) with your areas of speciality, contact details plus website & email.

    Place your brochure on noticeboards in shopping centres, consider letterbox drops, join networking organisations such as Rotary etc. donate time at your local charity, sponsor a sporting group, advertise in your local paper.


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    Find your niche, research the audience that you want to target. Make efforts to get recognized and for that, you can use different social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, [Mod Edit To Remove Overly Promotional Links].

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    i have used both of these companies and would definitely recommend them both. i spent a few months trying to find the right scheduling program to work within our budget. both of these places have free trials.

    For us cost was really important, so we eventually went with Acuity, however Genbook is BY FAR the better of the two ones with its GOOGLEness features https://www.getslots.com/ . It has tons of drag and drop and quick features that are really nice, but for us it wasnt worth the extra monthly cost.

    Acuity is really customizable and has worked great for us.

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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