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    The biggest thing for working out your rate is knowing ALL your costs and also fully understanding what hours are billable.

    If you look at competitors they don’t charge for travel, but have a minimum 1 hour which helps cover that.


    These come in from all over the place, you must factor everything in, and seeing as you will be on the road, you need to cover all your car costs. I would suggest you start with a copy of a fairly standard Chart of Account to give you from ideas on what to include in your expenses calculation, obviously not all will be relevant.


    A lot of hours will be spent on marketing, answering inquiries, invoicing, ordering parts etc etc, you need to factor that in.

    Use the Flying Solo calculator, but to get some of those figures needed for the calculator you will need to know the smaller details first.


    If it’s only you, and you are answering all inquires via your mobile, be careful doing this when on a clients site while billing. If a client has you for an hour or two and you spend 10 minutes answering calls each hour they will be jacked off, SO either tell them straight you will not be billing for that period, or you work the extra 10 minutes. These are some of things you have to think about.


    Make sure you narrow down your services areas, you can not cover areas that are 4 hours away otherwise it will eat into your profit margin.


Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)
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