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    Hi all,

    After some healthy discussion today, I am re-posting … in a smarter way… about a Networking Event I am involved with in Melbourne in Feb 2010.

    What we are looking to achieve is not just any speakers, but ones who know the latest.. yes I actually mean they know the latest trends in their space that affects small business owners.

    I suppose we felt this was missed, with at times some speakers referring to trends of 3 years ago… confusing the business owners in the room.

    So this is our first networking event, as our format for networking groups has proven successful in its pilot we ran last year. Like all business models, we will continue to improve it.

    So our networking event is to going to cover some points below, however I would really appreciate feedback in the forum as to whether these are of value to you and would you go?????

    1. Personal and Business branding – How you as a business owner can your own brand, which directly affects your business brand.
    2. Where video online is headed and why this is trending strongly.
    3. Hear a ball of energy speak about all the little FREE marketing ideas you haven’t heard of and how important they can be for your business.

    We think that each of these speakers are really good at what they do and will provide punch to those who come.

    In summary, this is our first event… I won’t lie, be nice to see some faces from this forum there… and yes we are charging, but it is low cost. If it is important to satisfy forum guidelines, then I am happy to offer Flying Solo members a discount, but you need to speak to me personally about this prior to the night! In lasting…. really could use the help of the FS community in supporting what is in essence a big focus to help you guys.

    Glenn West

    P.S. Please just go to our site…. on the home page you will see our event listed.

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