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    Hi All,

    This is my first post, I’ve been a long time reader, short time member and now first time poster. I knew this problem would come sooner than later and it has so if anyone has any suggestions to help me progress further that would be useful.

    For just over a 6 month I have been in business with a long time friend, we are succeeding our expectations in terms of progress of the business and now we are forced to have to move the business out of our home. The business we operate is the logistics side of recycling, we basically have clients and supply them with Plastic Bins anything from your household 240L wheelie bins to the large commercial 1,100L 4 wheel bins and we basically go around collecting these bins on a weekly basis and taking them to a transfer station. There is no real point in getting into the money sides of things in this, just know that it works and profits us to pay salaries, overheads and leaving a little left thats been put away. Very recently we purchased a truck with our savings as prior to this we have been leasing a truck from a trusted friend we know and that worked for us – but now we face a new issue that is to move the operations of the business from our home to somewhere more suitable.

    Firstly, we have to move it from home because we rent where we live and we also live under a body corp which neighbors have made official complaints of us operating a business from our rental property and this is in violation of our residential tenancy act agreement and body corp agreement. I will be seeing a vacate notice to my home if I dont move this business out from here within the next 2 weeks so I dont really have much time to play with – I need to find somewhere where I can legally operate this business, store plastic bins 240L, 660L, 1100L plastic bins and a 7Mtr Truck overnight as well as store 4 loud servers and 2 offices for us.

    We have looked at factory idea’s but to find something decent will take some time especially with what budget we have and we cant just get shared office space for the obvious one been the truck and then the bins followed by our noisy servers.

    I’m open to suggestions as me and my business partner have run out of idea’s – if theres any questions I can answer to help with finding a solution please ask.

    Thanks for your time to read my post, look forward to peoples replies!


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    Hi NWR,

    Why not look to lease out office space with a freight forwarder/trucking company/logistics/warehouse company?

    I currently rent out office space at a logistics provider here in WA. The rent is fantastic and I am on a month to month rental agreement. On top of that I get a portion of their yard space to hold all my pallets and use of their forklifts.

    It’s not quite the same as having my own building but is working great while I am getting my business off the ground.

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