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    Hi Everyone,

    What’s the general consensus on companies displaying misleading facts on their websites about the company size, structure, and age? For example what if a company was registered in 2013, but on their website they might say the company was started in 2000 which might include a timeline of events which been made up along those years for the sake of advertising. Another example may be they display a large number of employees on their about page which are fake and the company is actually a one man band?

    The ACCC list some information regarding misleading claims, but I think it’s more targeted at exaggerated claims about your product.


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    Hi Craig

    In a nutshell, morally incomprehensible and the perceived positive impact of ‘looking bigger’ will have a detrimental effect on the business should these facts been seen through. EG: most people that would do a little due diligence would see the exaggerations and merely pass over the companies web site without looking into it.

    Although i am not sure of the legal format that this stands, i am aware that it is against both trade practices and general law to ‘misrepresent’ yourself no matter what size the white lie takes. Something to be very cautious about and would strongly advise anyone who wanted to go this way to seek true legal advice.

    There is a huge difference between inference and stating something incorrect. Sometimes in the eye of the law they can be construed as the same, although if done correctly they are not.

    Example, using the terms ‘we’ or ‘our’ infer larger or greater than one although you may be a single man operation it will give the perception of size. Its important to utilise language in its positive positioning rather than blatantly lying..

    Sorry for the long reply, just i have been in sales for many moons and lying about competition was a very negative thing in my eyes and my employers and i feel lying about company facts – and blatantly as your examples query – are ideally not the right way to go and as advised earlier can have more of a negative response than what one is truly trying to achieve.

    My belief is also that one should be proud of where they are, and if they feel they need to embellish the facts a tad that they may not truly be comfortable or proud of where they are at this point in time.. Which is a shame, as anyone in business for themselves should be proud to be contributing to society/business and the governments coffers.. LOL

    Sorry again for the long winded reply


    ps.. i do look forward to seeing more input though

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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