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    John Bogiatzis
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    I wonder if you have made this mistake?

    It is fairly common amongst small business owners.

    Its this … confusing Marketing Tactics with
    Marketing Strategy.

    You see most business owners think TACTICS!

    Typically what happens is they get to a point
    where business has gone quiet, they do not have
    enough new business in the pipeline, or they
    need an injection of new cash into the business.

    So this immediate CHALLENGE leads them to think

    This in turn leads to thinking about new, different
    or innovative TACTICS to employ to get more business.

    So they start thinking about tweaking with or updating
    their website. Maybe a new logo or brand. What about
    a new broucher or flyer? Hey maybe we could place
    an advertisement in a trade magazine … etc etc.

    They get creative coming up with TACTICS.

    Have you ever done this?

    The BIG PROBLEM with this is that none of these
    tactics has any underlying STRATEGY behind them.

    Most small business owners never stop long enough
    to develop a well thought out MARKETING STRATEGY
    that they can integrate into their business.

    So none of the TACTICS they employ have anywhere
    near the impact they could have. They go from one
    tactic to the next without achieving maximum

    What you MUST do first is develop a MARKETING STRATEGY
    for your business. When this is in place the tactics
    become easy … they form part of your strategy.

    Makes sense?


    John Bogiatzis
    Universal Seminars
    Phone: 0405 274 962
    Email:[email protected]

    PS…Looking for some hidden secrets to small business marketing success? Why not request my FREE Marketing CD and report at http://www.attractclients2u.com

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