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    Hi all,

    I am Louise and I’m new to the forum and quite happy to have stumbled across FS today
    Like many people here, I am in the field of fashion and in the process of designing my own contemporary women’s fashion label. I am operating primarily online however I am aiming to be stocked in boutiques across Australia if all goes to plan.
    I would like to offer my online customers free EXPRESS shipping on all orders by incorporating my postage and handling costs within the RRP of my garments. I know from my own experience that seeing additional postage costs upon checkout has that effect on making you stop and really question what you are buying and I would prefer to give my customers the confidence to buy straight away with no hesitations.
    – I was just wondering what is the cheapest way I can post my garments across Australia via Express Post. I know that buying Aus Post Express Satchels in bulk gets you discounts however I was hoping to get some insight on prices and comparisions between certain couriers that anyone may have had positive experiences with during the course of their business.
    ** I’d be interested in 500g express services and up to 3 kg (Most i believe will be around the 500g – 1kg mark. Using SATCHELS ***

    I know that there would surely already be a forum about this so if anyone can direct me to this, i would also appreciate that :)

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    Hi Louise, and welcome,

    We do have chats about this fairly frequently, and in most cases people are interested in knowing a bit about the quantity, sizes and destinations of the parcels you’re expecting to send before they can advise you.

    If you’re able to update this thread with that info, I suspect you’ll receive more replies.

    In the meantime, thank you for joining the forums – it’s lovely to meet you.


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    How many shipments do you anticipate sending a week?
    Can they be picked up during business hours, or do you need to pack them after hours?
    If you can send 30+ a week, you might be able to get an account with star track express, which is a subsidiary of Australia post.
    They have a service called fixed price premium.
    A 1 kg satchel to almost any where in Australia is about $11 Inc levies, and metro locations are cheaper. This is a air service so next day to the vast majority of Australia

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    Hi Aaron. Thank you so much. In terms of this service do you need to have a track record of 30+ sales over a period of time before applying for an account with Star Track? Pick up during business hours is not an issue. As i am just starting off , I would hope (But cannot be certain) that i would be sending 30+ a week. I would say so though (6 a day seems quite attainable). I will have a further read into this online. Thank you so much for this helpful info

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