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    Hi All
    My rough estimate is that many e-commerce site have lost around 30-40% of their traffic over the last 1-2 years. That is, if the e-commerce site owners have taken no remedial action.

    Many were SE referral dependant. By hitting all the artificial link building schemes G made content much more important in web page ranking and this decimated many e-commerce sites that were low on content or which replicated manufacturer’s product information.

    Making money from an e-commerce site is tough. The simplest part is the shopping cart program, at least in its functional terms. They pretty much all seem to be based on delivering web pages to people who search for a product by name.

    How limited and ineffective that can be!

    Social media for e-commerce sites have a very wide range of return rates. Even the types of products sold will have a huge result range variation across different social media websites.

    Here is an article for those who are desperate to ensure their forray into the e-commerce world has the best chance of success. It is very long and detailed. If you own an e-commerce site and don’t read it, expect to lose your investment or to spend a fortune on Google adwords.

    Expanding the Horizons of eCommerce Content Strategy

    “Successful eCommerce websites are those which explore every possible way to educate their customer (or potential customer) at every point in their journey, from query to purchase. Once this concept is fully realized, it becomes quite clear that an eCommerce website’s content strategy must expand beyond the basic structure of the homepage, category pages, product pages and utility pages (contact, return policy, etc.).”

    Its content includes:

    Understanding the Buying Cycles of an Online Shopper
    Uneducated Shoppers Looking for Options
    Educated Shoppers Needing More Education
    Shoppers Who Know What they Want
    Shoppers Needing the Final Push
    Shoppers Who Are Ready to Buy

    Hope this is useful info for other FSs

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